September 18, 2016

Elite European Experience


4 Days
and 3 nights
Our most popular tour package complete with road touring and track time. 4 days of absolute European motoring nirvana brought to you in true Championship Touring fashion.

Our most popular tour package full of everything we could think of jammed into 4 days of absolute European motoring nirvana. Drive the Nürburgring and the European countryside! From expert instruction on Europe's most legendary and historic track, let the Green Hell consume your senses. Cross castles and German countryside off your bucket list because you will quite literally be living your dreams. You will receive an all access tour of the twists and turns that have confounded even the best drivers. Touch, see and hear the heartbeat of the Green Hell with key points of interest in and around the Nürburgring being fully explored. Drop the window and listen to the cacophony of tires, exhaust and valve train whir echoing throughout the forest. You will become one with your machine in this time of very intense and focused driving. Sure to be one of the greatest road rallies you have ever taken part in, enjoy these roads in your choice of a track focused high performance car

Tour itinerary.

DAY 1 

Arrive in Germany and be greeted in Stuttgart by the courteous Championship Touring team. We arrive at the Porsche factory and museum facility and immediately get to grips with the dynamic and exciting history of Porsche with a personal Museum tour. On this day we wrap our visit at Porsche with a dining experience that is sure to please. Be whisked away to the Nürburgring and check in to luxury accommodations in the Eifel Forest.


You'll wake up bright and early and get a scrumptious breakfast to fuel you for a day of laps around the Nürburgring! Each tour participant will receive professional driver instruction and a day trying to improve your lap times on the Green Hell! There will be all sorts of interesting historical context provided and a tour of the area, which is magical in every way.  It is a motorsport paradise at every turn.  We will have lunch together and the day in Nürburg continues. Wind down your day with a group dinner in a local favorite restaurant where the food is on par with the machinery in the car park.  Enjoy the atmosphere and relive the day's events we tell our stories of our day on the Ring.


Start your day off with a traditional German breakfast amongst tour mates. Prepare to get even more up close and personal with the German countryside as we drive performance cars from castle to castle taking in not only the fantastic roads but also the wonderful history of Germany through the stories the castles tell.  Lunch will be a brief stop over while on our tour and Dinner will be absolutely fit for a king as we keep with our royal castle theme and dine together in pure luxury at one of the hidden gastronomic gems of the region.  The food will be 5 star as will the conversation, sights and sounds. The drive home promises to be as enlivening as the morning drive out.

Day 4

Breakfast will be provided at your hotel.  Spend time reveling in the adventures of the last few days. Finish your time in Germany and bid a farewell to the mist-covered valleys of the Eifel Forest.  Take in the sights and sounds of Nürburg one last time as we head for home.

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The cost for this tour varies by car:

Entry Car: $4,999 • Average Car: $5,699 • Top Tier Car: $6,799

Add the BRM / Championship Touring signature chrono for $7,500

Additional companions can be added starting at $599/person.

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