First Adventure Package


6 Days
and 5 Nights
Are you looking to check all the boxes on a "first time visit" bucket list automotive trip to Germany? If so, this self-guided adventure is for you!

From experiencing the Nürburgring first hand to touring both Porsche and Mercedes museums through your own VIP "Private" guided tour, this package has it all.  The roads and scenery are breathtaking which you will have ample time to take in during your adventure.  The sights, sounds, and memories you will make on this tour are unrivaled as you drive through Germany’s motoring history.  If a European automotive experience with key points of interest is on your bucket list, then this package is truly for you!

Tour itinerary.


Arrive in Germany at the Stuttgart airport where you will journey via your own rental car on the Autobahn to take in the sights of rural Germany as you arrive in Nürburg.  Once you arrive you will check into your hotel to freshen up from your journey and then head over to our friends RaceRoom Cafe to get behind the wheel of one of the best digital racing simulators in the industry for a spin on the Nürburgring.  Championship Touring will provide lunch and dinner recommendations for you at key local restaurants.


Begin your day with a delicious breakfast provided at your hotel before heading over to attend your safety briefing for your Nürburgring Road Tour.  Today you will experience your road tour in a performance oriented car which would include choices from: BMW M2, BMW M4, or even the Porsche Cayman GT4.  You may also upgrade to one of our top tier vehicles like the a Porsche 911 GT3, or Porsche 911 GT3 RS for an additional fee.  Spend the day touring the Nürburgring region, learning its history and getting to drive the roads which are nearly as amazing as the track itself.  Many of the routes taken were designed by the same engineers that crafted the corners and undulations of the Nürburgring itself.  Lunch will be provided for you today at a local must-visit restaurant in the region.  Your next activity will be to attend a backstage tour of the Nürburgring and RingWerk Motorsport Museum (subject to availability).  Later that day, you will have the opportunity to drive on the famed Nordschleife.  Many people dream of one day seeing the Nürburgring but today you will actually experience it behind the wheel.  Drive on The Ring with one of our professional instruction for your 1st lap, this will give you insight into track surface, optimal lines, how to handle traffic, vehicle dynamics, advanced car control and more.  Our instructors have hundreds if not thousands of laps under their belt.  Afterward, you will complete 3 additional solo laps around this incredible racing circuit.  We recommend a car for our clients in this package but there are upgrade options as well.  Once you complete your track experience you will be treated to a marvelous dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the region.  Here you can take in the racing history of the venue and revel in your incredible day.


Begin your day with a delicious breakfast provided at your hotel before departing to Stuttgart.  Today you will travel back to Stuttgart enjoying the journey where you will check in with our partner, V8 Hotel, which in and of itself is a destination.  Attached to Motorworld... Which, we assure you is another would completely.  Home to dealerships of Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Lotus, Harley Davidson, and Ferrari.  Along with loads of automotive themed stores and best of all a museum of cars both available for purchase and those being stored by millionaire collectors.  This place is completely unbelievable and a bit of auto overload for anyone even remotely interested in the automobile.  Take time to experience this mecca of a facility that afternoon and evening.  We will provide you recommendations for lunch and dinner onsite as there are several fabulous restaurants to choose from.  


Begin your day with a delicious breakfast provided at your hotel before heading over to the state of the art Porsche Museum for your private guided tour.  The level of insight and detail you will get from this private tour will surpass any experience you have had in a museum.  We still find ourselves telling stories about this tour and all the things we learned while on it.  After your tour be sure to stop over at the only Porsche factory owned dealership in the world and visit their gift shop as well as the Museum gift shop.  Porsche does a fantastic job presenting very interesting products that we are sure you will wish to add to your collection.  We will provide you recommendations for lunch and dinner.  


Begin your day with a delicious breakfast provided at your hotel before heading over to the exquisite Mercedes Museum for your very own private guided tour.  The sights and sounds of Germany will be on display and your tour guides will share detailed information on points of interest, perspective on automotive culture and more during your tour.  Make sure you stop over at the onsite Mercedes dealership and gift shop for a few unique souvenirs to take home with you.  We will provide you recommendations for lunch and dinner.


Your day begins with one final breakfast provided at your hotel prior to your checkout.  You will then be complete with your Championship Touring adventure.  

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Upgrades available for Road Tour and Track Vehicles

• Track Laps Vehicle Upgrade to BMW M235i: $5,899*

• Road Tour Vehicle Upgrade to Porsche 911 GT3 RS: $5,999*

• Combination Road Tour & Track Laps Vehicle Upgrade to cars listed above: $6,799*

• Bring a companion along to join in the fun for just $749*

• * Pricing and specific vehicles subject to change

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