Nürburgring Full Track Day, VLN Race, and Castle Experience 2019


9 Days
and 8 Nights
This tour has it all; a track day on the Nordschleife, attending a VLN race at the Nürburgring as a VIP, an incredible road tour, and a visit to a beautiful German castle!

This tour centers around an open pit lane track day at the world famous Nürburgring.  Driving in these conditions is very different from standard tourist session driving.  We could stop there and most clients ask, "where do I sign up?"  We then add in visits to both the Porsche and Mercedes museums in Stuttgart, as well as another key automotive location you will visit in the city that is know as the birthplace for the automobile.  Next we feature a VIP experience for a VLN Race  at the Nürburgring.  One last component to this tour is a visit and guided tour at a local castle near the Nürburgring.  Adding this day provides a touch of regional history for our clients.  To say this package has it all is an understatement.  Your time on this tour will be unforgettable and it will have you waiting to come back to experience it all over again.  If a European automotive experience is on your bucket list, then this package is truly for you!  Reserve your booking today with only a deposit before this amazing experience is sold out.

Tour itinerary.


Arrive in Germany at the Stuttgart airport where you will be picked up by Championship Touring.  Next you are shuttled down the Autobahn to take in the sights of rural Germany as we arrive in Nürburg.  Once we arrive you will check into your hotel to freshen up from your journey, then attend a group lunch.  Our next activity has you being transported over to the Nürburgring Visitor's Center to attend a backstage tour of this fascinating facility.  After our tour, we will attend a welcome dinner that evening before retiring back at our hotel.


Begin today being transported over for breakfast in a VIP lounge overlooking the start and finish line of the Grand Prix track at the Nürburgring.  Today you will experience a VLN race like an executive, where you take in the action with active race teams.  The day will be filled with access to pit boxes, walks through the paddock, visits to famous corners around this famed track all during the racing action live.  This will be another day you will never forget.  Experiencing a VLN race live from the Nürburgring is always a treat but, attending with Championship Touring as VIP is another level completely.  That evening we will dine together to discuss the action you have witness during this famous race series.


Enjoy the start to your day with a wonderful breakfast.  Today we will take in the sights and sounds of an action packed Full Tourist Driving day at the Nürburgring.  We will take you to key spots around this enormous racing circuit where you can spectate like a local and capture all the pictures and video your heart desires.  That is plenty of activity but your action doesn’t stop there today.  You will also partake in karting sessions in the Nürburgring’s very own karting facility and get behind the wheel of one of the best digital racing simulators in the industry to compete against your tour mates.  This day also includes an eye opening, sense tingling taxi lap around the Nordschleife by a professional driver in a car suited for the task.  That evening we will attend a group dinner where you can chat about the amazing day you just had with your tour mates.


Begin your day with a group breakfast at your hotel.  Today experience a road tour in a performance oriented car which would include choices from: BMW M2, BMW M3, BMW M4, Mercedes AMG GTS, Porsche Cayman GT4, Porsche 911 GT3, or Porsche 911 GT3 RS.  Spend the day touring the Nürburgring, learning its history and getting to drive the roads which are nearly as amazing as the track itself.  Many of the routes taken were designed by the same engineers that crafted the corners and undulations of the Nürburgring itself.  Travel to Belgium in your high revving and responsive car to visit Spa Francorchamps.  Visit the track, drive the roads through the storied Ardennes forest, listen to the exhaust note echo through the trees connecting you to the road car in a way that will make the day one that is forever etched in your mind.  A trip to Spa will also include history of the region itself and an opportunity to buy some of the finest Belgian chocolates money can buy.  Throughout this epic day, you will attend unique dining experiences that only these regions can offer.


Today we begin our day with a slower pace, starting with a leisurely breakfast from our accommodations.  You are then transported to a local castle to enjoy this well-preserved piece of German history.  Your day includes a professionally guided tour in English, a group lunch in the region, time to shop and browse the Nürburgring Visitor’s center, and finally a group dinner that evening at yet another amazing local restaurant.


Prepare for a day unlike any other.  Many people dream of one day seeing the Nürburgring but today you will actually experience it.  Driving on The Ring with professional instruction; giving you insight into track surface, optimal lines, how to handle traffic, vehicle dynamics, advanced car control and more.  Your day is far beyond the typical single lap experience on the Nordschleife.  Today you will enjoy a full private track day on this famed circuit with open pitlane and no timed restrictions for car class.  It truly is a unique experience Championship Touring is providing you.  Mid-day a group lunch will be provided where you can catch your breath, then that evening during our group dinner you can swap stories with your tour mates on this experience you have all shared during this incredible day.  


Begin your day with a group breakfast at your hotel.  Championship Touring will then transport you to back to Stuttgart.  Hotel Accommodations that evening are with V8 Hotel, which in and of itself is a destination.  Attached to Motorworld... Which, we assure you is another would completely.  Home to dealerships of Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, and Ferrari.  Along with loads of automotive themed stores and best of all a museum of cars both available for purchase and those being stored by millionaire collectors.  This place is completely unbelievable and a bit of auto overload for anyone even remotely interested in the automobile.  Here we will attend a group lunch before you are transported over to the Mercedes Museum for your guided tour of this amazing facility.  The sights and sounds of Germany will be on display and your tour guides will share detailed information on points of interest, perspective on automotive culture and more during your trip.  After your tour we will return back to our hotel and to attend a group dinner that evening.


Start your morning with a fabulous breakfast from your hotel.  Next, Championship Touring will transport you over to Porsche to attend your very own Private Museum Tour.  The level of insight and detail you will get from this private tour will surpass any experience you have had in a museum.  We still find ourselves telling stories about this tour and all the things we learned while on it.  Lunch will be provided at the museum at the famous Christophorus Restaurant where you can watch the comings and goings within Porscheplatz.  After lunch, we will return to Motorworld Stuttgart where you will attend a professionally guided tour to truly walk through all this facility has to offer.  The remainder of the afternoon will be open to allow for additional onsite shopping and exploring at Motorworld Stuttgart.  That evening you and your group will attend a final dinner event where you recap the adventure you experienced over the past week. 


Your day begins with one final group breakfast.  You will then be transported back to Stuttgart airport for your departing flights.

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